Recently I’ve entered my last semester of college{LARGE GASPS}. On the first few days of class three different questions have been asked in class:

  1. Why are you here?(specifically the class/major)
  2. What is the thing you want to do after you get your degree?
  3. What is the difference you want to make?

Thought provoking for the first day of classes, amiright?

What’s even worse, we had to answer in class…yeah scary.

This got me thinking. Not like a normal think, but a hurt your brain forcing you to binge eat chocolate.


Yeah, I have been asked countless times about what I’m going to do with my life after graduation but these questions are very different from the normal conversation piece. Usually my answer is “work with people” because, really that’s what I want to do, but when my professor brought the shovel out WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO? Answer the question to your best ability, that is what you are supposed to do.

I’m guessing that at this point in reading you want to know what my answers are, right? Well, okay, I guess.

I’m here because I want to get a degree that is useful to my life. I want to be able to help people communicate, but also I want to be able to effectively work with people. Yes, I know that that isn’t always the case, but I can try my darnedest to make that happen. My degree will be more than a piece of paper hanging in a majestic frame on the wall of some office space. It will be a collected experience of how and why I am who I am. After my degree I want to work with people to make them better people I don’t have a specific career choice because it doesn’t bother me where I am working, just as long as I am working with people. Yeah, I would enjoy being an academic advisor or even a teacher but I can teach people skills to make them better as a whole. In the perfect world, I want to do all of the things as big as I can. #DIB all day erryday.

The difference I want to make? To have a large population of people who believe in their abilities and shoot for their dreams. Plain and simple. I want people to push their self confidence to the greatest boundary.


So, my advice to you?





Life. School. Eating. Whatever you dream, make it big and reach that goal. If it takes you getting on the shoulders of a 6’9″ person, do that.



Dear Valued Customer,

We understand that you have been busy, but we miss seeing you! To show how much we miss you, we are sending you a code for a free treat! Please enjoy a fresh breath of air with a drink on us!


*enter business name here*

Wouldn’t it be great if all industries gave us free treats because they missed us stopping by and getting something? Over this past semester I realized that life isn’t about how many things you can get done in a short amount of time, it is about allowing yourself to enjoy every moment of every single day. Yes, we are all busy and we pride ourselves on how many things we can get done in a single day, but have you thought how many people’s lives you can touch in one day? Here is some simple math for you, if you touch one person’s life each day for one year that equals 365. If you like money, one dollar for each day for one year equals $365.

Now, I know this seems like a simple task and you’re wondering why I’m spending my time sitting at my computer typing these words. There is a large reason for this. In six very short months, I will be a college graduate.

*let’s take a moment to take some deep breaths, in and out people in and out*

I don’t know what my plan is after I graduate, but I do know that I’m going to try everyday to help someone. Whether it is a small task like opening the door for someone or buying groceries for the person in front of you at the store who is $25 over the amount they have in cash. Maybe, it’s even just saying a quick prayer for a friend who is going through a difficult time or even saying a quick prayer for someone who just received great news. If prayer isn’t your thing, maybe writing someone a note to tell them how awesome they are or buying them that Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake they have been eyeing.

Whatever it may be, in the spirit of the New Year, let’s make some changes and use our special skills to make everyone around us peaceful and happy human beings.

Let’s go create a free treat for everyone,



BE the brick that sits ajar from the rest of the wall.
BE the light that shines in complete darkness.
BE the star that shines when no others are out.
BE the rainbow during the thunderstorm.
BE you.
BE anything but ordinary.
BE the happy that fills every single space around you.
BE the crazy.
BE the sparkle left after you’ve clean up all the glitter.
BE EXTRAordinary.
Everyday we lean towards normal {conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern}. We always see that we need to be different, but never seem to break out of the ‘comfort zone’. As we weave in and out of the crowd, or follow the person in front of us, or even butter the same side of the bread when it pops up out of the toaster, we never realize our time is every second. We don’t get a few hours to BE the light for others. We get every second of everyday to show others what we have for them {Our special light}.
Even if it’s that small little grin that you quickly show the little old lady while opening the door for her as you leave the local donut shop.
Or even the quick chats with an old friend or even a complete stranger.
Our time is never gone. Our time is now. Every. Single. Second.
We are meant to ‘Bloom Where We Are Planted.’ Our roots are our feet. Meant to move from person to person everyday making a difference in the lives of other’s. Our ‘roots’ build into strong legs, bodies, brains, and happy’s.
So. I’m asking each and everyone of you who reads this post to ‘BE’.
Be whatever you’re meant to be.
You are to be.
Be who you want.
Be the light for another.
Be the sun breaking through on a person’s cloudy day.
Just be.


Hey Y’all. It’s been a while, you know because of #College.

Life has been quite a whirlwind since the last time we talked.

Currently I’m on the downhill slide of a five, yes FIVE, test period in about 96 hours. This being said most of my conversations have included these memes:

anigif_mobile_3cfb2b99cfa6670e37b7fdbde61084e4-12 anigif_mobile_6ee0db99c07c158df6c99c5578be512d-0 madea-hallelujer-praise-da-lort tumblr_mgwn5jOHL61rctctpo1_500

I’ve also gone crazy on the Eucalyptus Spearmint collection from Bath and Body.

The Christmas music has been brought out and TSwift’s 1989 has been intermingled into the mix.

The sass and sarcasm that comes out of my mouth is at an all time high, and my friends think I’ve gone crazy, yet again.

Now, you guys are probably trying to figure out ‘Where in the darn done heck in Logie going with this post?’

So, to make this easier on you I’ll just tell you….LOL JK, you gotta wait.

Through all of this craziness I’ve realized that #College is one of those things where even if you are prepared for something, it’ll most likely throw a huge wrench in your plan.

So #College gets turned into #Life and your mind continues to be blown.

*insert hand gesture and sound of explosion*

Then you realize that your parents and elders were right.

*insert hand gesture and sound of explosion*

And now you are all like, ‘Logie stop.’

So, to get to the point.

Our lives are shaped through our experiences. We may think we know what is going to be thrown our way but someone and something have a different plan. All of our experiences are different than the person sitting next to us, not one is the same as the other. Everything has a effect, even if the cause is the same.

We are taught through experiences, we learn through experiences, and we teach through experiences. We surround ourselves with experiences.

Throughout the highs and the lows we have experiences. Good ones and bad ones, and in my case you realize that no matter what your faith, family and friends will always be there for you. Highs, lows, plateaus, and gradual rises or falls.

#College makes you understand the reason why building experiences is such an important aspect of anything we do.

*mic drop*


I was raised on the ideal of “Be who you are.”, “Kill ’em with kindness.”, “Logie,  don’t procrastinate and go get ’em.”, “It’ll buff.”, “Paint your own canvas.”, and multiple other sayings along these lines.

Life is much more enjoyable when you enjoy it.

College has taught me something: Do great things, meet great people and never give up. 

That math assignment you’re struggling through? It’ll get done.

The 8 page paper you’re procrastinating until the last minute? It’ll get done.

Putting off going home because College Town is the best? You’ll make it home soon enough, but your family will miss you even more. Time is precious.

Not calling your Momma back? You should probably do that ASAP or, my personal advice, DON’T MISS HER CALL IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Time is precious.

I heard someone amazing say one time, “Time is too precious to be mean and hateful, give them all the kindness and smiles you have.”

Our lives are shaped into a way in which Society (yes, I capitalized it for a reason) makes us want the fastest, easiest, do-it-all solution for things. Take a step back and ask yourself “is this really how I want my life to be like?”.

Momma Hays showed me that: life isn’t about how fast you get to the end, it’s how you use your time to enjoy what you’re doing. Which is why she let her precious babies become ‘who they were’. I’m going to get a little boastful here, I’m perfect. Just sayin’.

Want to know how I know that I am perfect? Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is perfect. We were all made differently which is how we ALL can be perfect. Our lives are shaped by Society to see negative view, rather than a positive view.

Want an example? No? Too darn bad buddy, you’re going to get one.

Ever notice when you go to buy something we ask “What’s the downside of this product?” or “What is wrong with this product?” That’s how most, yes most, of us view life. Questions like “What’s wrong with you?” should be changed to “What makes you YOU?”, negative words to positive words make a BIG difference.

Now I think you’re trying to figure out what I’m trying to get at.

Which is funny because I was thinking the same thing, but I have figured it out:


Negative to positive.

Dark to light.

Gray to Purple.

Dark brown to light brown.

Fastest solution to the most effective solution.


Choose your words, Be you,  and Make life happy.

Life is a hardship, but take it with a smile  and make it your own.


‘You is kind.’


Kindness is something we never think of doing right from the start, we usually just do it. Our lives get transformed as we are kind and when others are kind back.

The definition of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

So, what makes you kind?

As Melannie Svoboda states in “Gracious Goodness”, “Kindness demands that I act in a selfless way to other human beings right in front of me.” Kindness is concrete and demands a personal and specific item from us, you can’t fake it without it being obvious. There is an example stating ‘that you can fake love, but kindness is not something that is easily faked.’

When you are genuinely kind, people notice.

Remember when you were little and someone said ‘Do unto others as you would want done to you.”? Take that saying a step further into using unreflective love and you get kindness.

All of us know how to be kind, but we aren’t always kind.

If we build, instead of bulldoze we can change how we are and how others are. Our lives are blessed with the gift of others where we are able to be kind to them and ourselves. Building. Building. BUILDING.

We can be kind by:

Looking for it in others.

Compliment everyone we come in contact with.

Listen, and listen hard to everyone.

Speak nicely.

Choose your words wisely.

We can change how we are kind by:

Being Positive.

Being Happy.

Being Friendly.


Connecting Positively.

Showing Compassion.

Compliments to all. 

Be a builder. 

Have I mentioned that being kind can help us be healthier?

Because it can.

Being kind helps support and build relationships. The winding vagus nerve in our body uses positive emotions and social contact to make us happier. (http://healthland.time.com/2013/05/09/why-kindness-can-make-us-happier-healthier/)

“You are good.  But it is not enough just to be good.  you must be good for something.  You must contribute good to the world.  The world must be a better place for your presence.  And the good that is in you must be spread to others…” ~ Gordon B. Hinkley

With kindness,


Final Stretch.

It just seems like we started the semester back up, but here we are in the final FOUR weeks of the semester. 




More papers.

More exams.

More homework.

Then Mother Nature has decided to tease us with the nice weather and then throw in a few chilly days making it even harder to complete what needs to be done. Cause you know, I’m just over it. 

So, after writing a 5 page research paper in a matter of hours, doing a few homework assignments while jamming to Disney music because that is the only thing that keeps me focused, and getting everything finished off for the semester I am ready for summer to come my way. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do like college. But it’s time to get some Vitamin D, some 90 degree summer breezes, and humid as all get out days. Maybe even a few steamy brick streets right before a summer rain. OOO maybe even the scenes of combines in a halfway harvested wheat field… I think we know Logie’s mind has gone…


But just remember, you are someone’s reason to smile. 

Peace and Blessings,